Mali solid indigo textile
Mali solid indigo textile

Malian Indigo Cloth


Dark indigo cloth.
By Kronbali.
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Dark indigo cloth from Mali, made of narrow strips which are sewn together to make a whole cloth, then hand-dyed in indigo. This piece makes a beautiful bed or couch throw, table cloth, beach blanket, or it can be worn as a shawl.
Indigo textile is very popular in Africa. Cotton is hand-woven on looms, then dyed using leaves from the indigo plant that have been beaten into a pulp, rolled into balls, and then left to dry in the sun for two to three days. After this, the balls of indigo plant are mixed in an ash and water solution that acts as a fixative for the indigo dye. The excess dye is removed by hammering the fabric with rubber mallets.
Indigo may rubs off onto the skin, so do not be surprised if this happens when you handle the textile.
Material: cotton and indigo.
Origin: Mali.
Epoch: vintage.
Length: 160 cm
Width: 116 cm
Care: Hand wash in cold water and hang dry.
Note: There is some minor wear and tear in this unique fabric due to its vintage nature. We find this adds beauty and charm. However, please look at the photos closely.

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